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Sound and Rhythms for a healthy mind


Our modern  time hardly allows silence. But sounds, tones, rhythms can only arise and have an effect in a quiet place. I invite you to experience the calm with sounds and rhythms with my methods. An experience of your very own sound soul - magic!



Sound massages are wonderful instruments of Healing and Relaxing. Compared to the excellent methods of Peter Hess©  and Adalgis Wulf©  , the Sound Healing in Melody Permutation Mode of Moritz Polin©  takes a different approach. The use of extraordinary musical instruments creates a sound relaxation through melodies - a journey of beautiful  self-discovery.


The daily rhythm gives us security: work, family, free time. The Percussion Healing in Rhythm Permutation Mode by Moritz Polin© create a rhythm foundation from world rhythms in which letting go becomes special. Conscious perception of percussion without actively moving in the dance but making the inside dance - an unknown experience.

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